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CSE888J14 (AU11)

This quarter the plan for 888 of Prof. Shen is to let the group members introduce their research problem, brain storm idea, and discuss the progress. Meanwhile, for new students, we will also list relevant papers here for presentation. The paper list will come later.

 Date Presenters Topics
 09/23 AbonInformation Theory Library: A Tool for Information-driven Management, Analysis and Visualization of Scientific Data
 09/30 SteveHistogram Spectra for Multivariate Time-Varying Volume LOD Selection
 10/07 Teng-Yok/LijieIntro. of FTLE and on-going relevant projects
 10/14 BoonthLoad-Balanced Parallel Streamline Generation on Large Scale Vector Fields
 10/21 WeiTopological/geometric simplification of 3D scalar field
 10/28 Ayan 
 11/04 Tzu-Hsuan 
 11/11 Veterans' Day 
 11/18 Jimmy
Erik D. Demaine, “Cache-Oblivious Algorithms and Data Structures”, in Lecture Notes from the EEF Summer School on Massive Data Sets, BRICS, University of Aarhus, Denmark, June 27–July 1, 2002.
  XinKey Frame Selection on Time Series Data
 11/25 Thanksgiving 

PS. As publication is an important way to reveal our progress to other researchers, I listed several related conference to our area below:

Submission deadline
 SIGGRAPH   01/17
   Supercomputing 04/01
 PG   04/30
 SIGGRAPH Asia   05/17
ACM CHI  09/24

  IPDPS 10/01
 I3D   10/22
EuroVis    12/09