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CSE888J14 (WI11)

Here is the list of the papers discussed in the seminar of Prof. Han-Wei Shen. The focus is information visualization, especially text visualization and graph visualization. A suggested paper list and another page is organized by Abon Chaudhuri.

Presentation order:
Paper Title
Weiwei Cui, Yingcai Wu, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Michelle Zhou, Huamin Qu, "Context-Preserving, Dynamic Word Cloud Visualization," IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, pp. 42-53, November/December, 2010.
Wickham, H.; Cook, D.; Hofmann, H.; Buja, A.; , "Graphical inference for infovis," Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on , vol.16, no.6, pp.973-979, Nov.-Dec. 2010.
 AlexT. Kamada and S. Kawai. 1989. An algorithm for drawing general undirected graphs. Inf. Process. Lett. 31(1), pp.7-15, April 1989.