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MPI + Eclipse + PTP

posted Nov 12, 2010, 6:55 AM by Teng-Yok Lee   [ updated Jan 2, 2021, 7:56 PM ]
Recently I am learning the tools for C/C++ programming with MPI. My plan is to use Eclipse to develop the program and to debug. To compile MPI program under Eclipse, the PTP (Parallel Tools Platform) is needed. Besides, to run the program under Eclipse, the Resource Manager must be configured, which can be achieved by following the procedure in this link. (I use MPICH2, which needs mpd).

Currently I always get an error message says "Can't read MIPRUN_HOST," so I am also looking for other debugger. The choices include gdb, ddd, and totalview, which can be checked from the MPI section in the BALE manual in OSC.


To debug MPI program with Eclipse+PTP, SDM is needed. However, the SDM is not with the PTP when installed in Eclipse. Instead, SDM is with PTP Proxy. Once the source for PTP Proxy has been downloaded, there should be a folder org.eclipse.ptp.<os>.<arch>_<ver>. Cd to that folder and run sh BUILD to build sdm, which will be in the folder org.eclipse.ptp.<os>.<arch>_<ver>/bin.

Remote Run/Debug MPI Program under Eclipse

The next step is to run & debug MPI program remotely. Earlier I used Helios w/ RSE but they cannot work. However, now I used Remote Tool other than RSE, which makes it work. The setting is almost the same except that the paths are on the remote machine.