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Qt + Studio Visual 2008

posted Dec 3, 2011, 12:21 AM by Teng-Yok Lee   [ updated Jan 3, 2021, 12:46 AM ]
I plan to learn Qt in this winter break. The reason is that Qt can be cross platform, and it has very complete support.

I tried to run Qt with Eclipse. I tried to follow the steps here. The Qt SDK only contains mobile device versions. I haven't figured out how to configure the desktop version. It seems that I need to be more familiar with MinGW. but

However, I finally realize how to run Qt with Visual Studio 2008. Only two programs are needed. Both programs have installers and are easy to install.

  1. Qt Visual Studio Add-in
  2. Qt for Open Source C++ development on Windows (VS2008) (* For VS2005, the libraries should be recompiled, which should need the source).

Once the programs have been installed, there should be menu 'Qt' in Visual Studio. When creating projects, there is a folder Qt4 for Qt-related projects.