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Specical settings for cygwin

posted Mar 14, 2013, 10:18 AM by Teng-Yok Lee   [ updated Jan 3, 2021, 12:36 AM ]

Setup cygwin/X

Install CYGWIN


Download the installer (setup.exe) from the official site, and follow the following steps:

  • Choose Install from Internet.
  • Specify Root directory (I chose C:\cygwin) and Install For (I chose All Users).
  • Local Package Directory.
  • Choose Direct Connection.
  • Available Download Sites: I chose
  • Choose the packages you need. I only installed the following two packages, which still worked:
    • xorg-server (required, the Cygwin/X X Server)
    • xinit (required, scripts for starting the X server: xinit, startx, startwin (and a shortcut on the Start Menu to run it), startxdmcp.bat )
  • Postinstall script error: You might see error message as follows after the installation. It does not matter here.

Package: Unknown package

    autorebase.bat exit code 1

  • Create icons: Up to you.

Enable X-11 forwarding

  • Setup your session. It is easy in putty. You can enable the option Enable X11 forwarding from the left panel Connection->SSH->X11.
  • Enable XWin server on Windows. You should be able to find the shortcut XWin Server in your start menu.

Connection issue?

Nevertheless, when i connected from my apartment to a machine in Ohio via 15MBps internet bandwidth, the connection was slow. So far the speed is affordable inside Amazon with ethernet connection though.

cygwin + Eclipse

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