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Past Projects in OSU

SDMAV (Google sites): This is the webpage for the DoE-funded project Information-theoretic Framework for Visualization. The members are from The Computer Science and Engineering Department of The Ohio State University, The Mathematics and Computer Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory, and The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Polytechnic Institute of New York University. This websites will include related techniques, progress, and discussion for this project.

Graph Analysis for Flow Fields@OSU (Google sites): This is one interesting project I am working on, whose goal is to analyze flow fields via graph modeling. (Courtesy: Lijie Xu and Han-Wei Shen. Flow web: A graph based user interface for 3d flow field exploration. In Proceedings of IS&T/SPIE Visualization and Data, Jan. 2010. (pdf))

SWOT (the newer version): a web-based interface for the SWOT project funded by NASA in order to sample all water bodies on the earth. For this project, the Gravity group and the researcher in the Climate Water Carbon program in OSU were working on this web-based prototype for the general public to access the huge amount of sampled data. CSE department and the CWC@OSU.  The blog for this project is located as Blue Marble Mapper (wordexpress).
(Courtney: ABON CHAUDHURI, Ju-Yu Huang and Teng-Yok Lee). 

GTCVis (blogspot): This was what I did in summer 2009, which is to visualize the simulation in GTC (Gyrokinetic Toroidal code).